In the knowledge economy, access to state-of-the-art technology is the key to speed, efficiency and business success. With this in mind, the building has been designed with ubiquitous technology throughout. This allows owners and tenants to enjoy the high quality facilities of a much larger organisation, without the associated costs. It also gives workers the ability to work from any of the community spaces within the building. Because of the latest WIFI technology at Lifestyle Working, people can grab their laptop and work outside their own office suite, or at the café, or in one of the many collaborative spaces, whenever the mood takes them. Internet access is available throughout the common areas of the building for occupiers and visitors at no extra cost.


One of the most important features of Lifestyle Working is the vibrant business community it will create. With hundreds of people working within the building each day, owners and tenants will enjoy a massive instant network of potential clients, suppliers and friends. Sharing the values and philosophies of Lifestyle Working inspires the cross fertilisation of ideas, contacts and work within the community, which allows tenant businesses to thrive and prosper. In another significant initiative, the building makes charitable contributions to the local community.


People no longer want to be confined to a box in order to work, meet and interact. Offering a mix of interesting and creative workspaces, Lifestyle Working Brookvale gives you the flexibility to tailor the space to your business while taking advantage of a number of collaborative workspaces, serviced meeting rooms and facilities, or semi privileged and privileged spaces accommodating over 130 people at any given time - the benefits of a large organisations infrastructure, without the costs. The design by nettletontribe breaks down the traditional office walls and provides a range of opportunities for people to come out of their offices and work in varied ways. The building houses a mix of interesting, creative spaces to work from or meet within, allowing maximum flexibility and productivity within a reduced cost structure.