Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is different about this strata office space?

This building has been designed with the benefits a large organisation would enjoy. Flexibility, recreational and eating facilities and a variety of meeting spaces. It has been designed with those features but with the small user in mind. The building is a community and not a collection of isolated users.

How is the space flexible?

The design allows for small businesses to occupy small units. It also allows for larger businesses to combine multiples suites into a larger office space.

Why have the collaboration space?

A small user need not waste floor space given over to meeting rooms. Meetings can be held outside.

Who can use the collaboration space?

Bookings are made for the formal meeting spaces. The occasional meeting spots or semi privileged spaces can be used for those impromptu meetings or just as a chance to work outside the office.

What is mixed mode office space?

Mixed mode allows the user the flexibility to have natural ventilation or air conditioning.

If I open up the windows and doors wont the papers just fly everywhere?

The openings can be controlled to suit the wind conditions. Sliding doors could be opened on calm days. Higher winds can be controlled by the adjustable louvres. The louvres can be locked in varying open positions to give the user a high degree of control over their environment.

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