Lifestyle Working Brookvale is a benchmark ESD building that provides considerable energy and environmental savings whilst achieving high levels of comfort for the community of people who work within the building.

Lifestyle Working has achieved a 5 star National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) certification and has attracted extraordinary attention from government and leading design organisations such as DEGW.

Lifestyle Working is a premium product providing solid investment returns to owners and investors and unprecedented benefits to occupiers in terms of workplace innovations, health, employee productivity and retention, technology and specifically, the low greenhouse gas emission/ renewable energy infrastructure. The overall environmental performance of the building has been assessed using the NABERS rating tool as a guideline.

The NABERS star rating evaluates the energy and water efficiency of the building in terms of energy and water consumed and resultant carbon dioxide emissions of the lifts, car park ventilation, lighting and air conditioning etc. The NABERS is again assessed on a star rating system from 1 star (worst performing) to 5 star (best performing) and in September 2011 has been extended to include 6 stars for buildings that exceed the 5 star performance levels by 50%. Lifestyle Working has achieved a 5 star NABERS energy rating and a 6 star NABERS water rating – the first and only strata building in Australia to do so.