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About the Lifestyle Working Website

The Lifestyle Working website takes advantage of several advanced Internet and browser technologies to create the best possible user experience. To help you utilize the site to its fullest potential, we’ve compiled this list of third-party tools and some information about your settings.

Please Note

Installation of some third-party tools may require a browser or computer restart to function properly. Please refer to the tools’ installation instructions for details.

Thank you and enjoy the site!

Browser Recommendations

While the Lifestyle Working website is fully functional on all 4th-generation and later browsers, it performs best with Internet Explorer 6 or higher on a PC, Safari on a Mac, or Firefox on either platform.

You can upgrade Internet Explorer or Firefox by clicking the appropriate link below:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox


Adobe Flash is utilized on the Roland website for all multimedia content, including image galleries, audio demos, and video clips. Version 7 or higher is preferred.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Reader

All of our downloadable documents are created using Adobe Acrobat (PDF) technology, including brochures, TurboStarts, Workshop booklets, patch lists, and other support-related documents. Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Version 7 or higher—or Mac OS X’s Preview application—are preferred.

Adobe Reader

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