Triple Bottom Line

The "Lifestyle Working" Body Corporate Executive will make a commitment to report on a triple bottom line basis. What does this mean?

This means we will focus and report not only on the economic performance of the building to the owners, but also on the social and environmental performance of the building.

The building has been designed with lower operating costs in mind. Reduced energy needs reduce reliances on mechanical ventilation and supplementary solar energy is some of the initiatives that will help keep the operating costs down and contribute to better economic performance.

Social performance relates to our maintenance of ethical conduct and the impact our "Lifestyle Working" development has on employees, customers, community, suppliers and business partners. We contribute to our local community through charitable donations and with relevant supportive activities on an on-going basis.

The "Lifestyle Working" values aim to promote sustainable work and operational building practices, where the impact on the environment is limited and resources are managed in a responsible manner.

As an Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) incorporating innovative technologies in energy and water usage, the buildings clever design enables responsible workplace practices to reduce the impact of the building on the environment "Lifestyle Working" is the first strata building in Australia to enter into a commitment agreement for a 5 Star Australian Building Greenhouse Rating.