Lifestyle Working has been designed to be 100% self sustainable for non potable water with a massive 286 kilo litres, or the equivalent of approx 5 back yard swimming pools of water storage in the basement. That’s nearly 4.5 million litres of water NOT being drawn from Sydneys Warragamba dam per annum.

All the toilets within Lifestyle Working are flushed with rainwater. All the urinals in the mens bathrooms are waterless saving and estimated 1.14 million litres of water PA!

Also, the drought resistant gardens are watered from the harvested rainwater. There is also a car wash in the basement that is supplied from the same tank.

Uridan waterless urinalsUridan waterless urinals.

Uridan waterless urinals are very simple and efficient. The urinal is designed with an inbuilt water trap which is connected directly to the sewer system. A biodegradable odour blocking fluid (Urilock) is poured into the water trap and floats on the surface of the urine to create a perfect seal, blocking any urine odours. When the urinal is used the urine drains through the Urilock and out of the sewer system. Unlike other waterless urinals the Uridan urinal does not require propreitory cartridges, bladders or mechanical seals. The simplicity of the Uridan design ensures that the customers long term cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.